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Flying via Helsinki, Finland, is an airline’s best choice for so many clear reasons. Choosing Finavia as your partner means choosing the premium gateway between East and West. Thanks to our central geographical location, Helsinki Airport really is the shortest route between Europe and Asia. And who wouldn’t want to get to their destination quicker – and cheaper? 

From Northern Europe we have the most direct destinations to Asia. Furthermore, we provide a large network covering the whole of Europe.

We focus on safety and customer-orientation as well as providing efficient Air Navigation Services. Efficiency brings cost savings – and we know that you love to save money! We do our everything for smooth travelling and happy customers.

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Timo Järvelä

Timo Järvelä

Head of Key Account Management and Route Development
Tel: +358 20 708 2357

Mikko Komi

Mikko Komi

Key Account and Business Development Manager
Tel: +358 20 708 3530