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18 ratings

The Oak Barrel Irish Pub

A wide selection of quality beers and whiskies, a relaxed atmosphere. The Oak Barrel Irish Pub awaits you.

Food & beverages • Gate 22
7 ratings

Upper Crust

Upper Crust is the place for baguette fans. Whatever you choose, you get a crispy, freshly baked and generously hand stuffed treat. We have 30 years of experience in...

Food & beverages • Gate 19
11 ratings


Starbucks is known for its specialty coffees all around the world. Would you like a cold or a hot beverage?

Food & beverages • Terminal 2, arrivals hall 2B
7 ratings

Wine & View

Wine & View wine bar surprises you every time. We have sparkling wines and wines from all over the world. Elegant interior design complements the moment.

Food & beverages • Gate 26
2 ratings

Fair Taste Cafè

We offer you sustainably produced drinks and snacks, and small souvenirs such as Finnish jams. Enjoy here or take away.

Food & beverages • Gate 36M
3 ratings


Just pop in to Ulappa, and choose the right meal and drink. We have something for everybody for a fair price, around the clock.

Food & beverages • Terminal 2, Departures Floor
7 ratings

Helsinki Market

Traveling with your family or in a big group? Would you like to choose from a wide variety of snacks, meals and drinks on spot or grab and go? Helsinki Market reminding a...

Food & beverages • Gate 14
11 ratings

60° Bar & Brewery

NEW 60° Bar & Brewery now opened! More info coming up soon!

Food & beverages • Gate 15
11 ratings

Pier Zero

Pier Zero is known not only for its culinary treats, but also for special architecture. The two floors host a deli, bar and à la carte restaurant with a Scandinavian twist.

Food & beverages • Gates 28-29
26 ratings


The internationally popular sport restaurant is one of Helsinki Airport's most exciting features.

Food & beverages • Gate 29, 3rd floor
3 ratings

Urban Food Market

Grab a snack or enjoy it in our laid-back cafe with a market hall type atmosphere.

Food & beverages • Terminal 1
11 ratings

Two Tigers Sushi and Noodles

Choose between various sushi and noodle portions. We have an own sushi cook who prepares the delicacies on site.

Food & beverages • Gate 34

60° 18' 52.43" N   |   24° 58' 13.21" E