Border control and customs inspections

The border control and customs formalities vary based on where you are coming from and where your destination is.

See more instructions on border control and the required travel documents on the Finnish Border Guard website. For more information on customs inspections as well as on the import and export restrictions, see the Finnish Customs website.

Check with the embassy or consulate of your destination country or with your travel agent or airline if you need a visa.

Automatic border control is fast and convenient

At Helsinki Airport  EU, EEA, Switzerland as well as Japan citizens who have a biometric passport can use the fast and convenient automatic border control. You will recognise a biometric passport by a specific symbol on the cover - see the image on the right.

For more information on automatic border control, go to the Finnish Board Guard website.

Temporary passport

All passengers must have a valid travel document, for example a passport or a a standard photo ID, with them at all times. The Airport Police can issue a temporary passport for Finnish citizens who have left their existing valid passport at home.

More information

If you are a foreign national arriving in Finland, see more information on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland website.