For families travelling with children

Every trip is an adventure for a child. Travelling with children is eventful also for parents, because they get to see the world in a new way through the little passenger's eyes. The experience starts at the airport, and Helsinki Airport has done everything to ensure that travelling will go smoothly also for families with children.

See general information on travelling with children on Finavia's website. Helsinki Airport offers the following services for children and families:

  • A separate security control that makes the security check easier and smoother for families travelling with young children
  • linestrollers for use at the airportplay areas
  • playrooms
  • baby care facilities and
  • possibilities to heat up baby food

Children's playrooms

Helsinki Airport has children's playrooms and play areas equipped with toys suitable for both younger and older children. At the airport, the play areas are easy to locate on the terminal maps and by following the signs.

For older children, there are car game slot machines close to Gate 16. There is free Wi-Fi with unlimited access at the airport.

Changing your baby, heating baby food, eating with children in the restaurants


You can change the baby in most sanitary facilities. The children's room at Gate 31 is equipped with a microwave oven and a separate toilet also suited to changing the baby.

You can heat up baby food in all cafés and restaurants. The staff is happy to assist families travelling with children.


The restaurants at Helsinki Airport have special children's menus. All cafés and restaurants have highchairs for babies and toddlers.


Some airlines allow you to take your own stroller through to the departure gate. Check with your airline in advance or at check-in. If the stroller goes into the hold, pack it into a cover bag.

There are strollers in the gate area that you can borrow after the security check. Shopping carts also have a child seat.

Children travelling alone

Check the guidelines for children travelling alone on Finavia's website.