What to do at the airport

Are you wondering what to do at security control and check-in, and do you know when you can make tax-free purchases? Here is some advice on what you should take into account before arriving at the airport and what you should do at the airport when departing and arriving.

Before going to the airport

  • Pack your luggage correctly at home.
  • See your trip reservation or consult your airline for the check-in options provided by your airline and the check-in time of your flight. In many cases, it is possible to check in ahead of time on the airline's website.
  • Arrive at the airport in good time, especially if you have cargo hold luggage, such as bags, golf bags, skis or pushchairs.

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  • When you are at the airport, you should first check in at a machine or the service counter. Also hand over any baggage which will be transported in the aircraft cargo hold. Retain the inspection part of the luggage receipt until you have reclaimed your luggage at your destination.
  • After check-in, go to security control. Put your hand luggage onto the X-ray line and go through the metal detector gate to the gate area.
  • The boarding card (which you received at check-in) shows the gate where your flight will depart and the time by which you need to be at the departure gate.
  • The schedule and departure gate of your flight may change. Pay attention to the information on the monitors and in announcements via the PA system. This will ensure that you do not miss your flight.
  • You can have a coffee and go shopping or use other services at the airport.
  • If your destination is a non-Schengen country, your departure gate is in an area which you access via passport control.

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You need to show the boarding card you receive from check-in at many locations. Keep it in an easily accessible place while you are at the airport. The boarding card may either be a paper printout or a text message. Flight information stored on airline loyalty cards or credit cards is not accepted as a ticket. You need to show your ticket:

  • to the security control employeeat
  • the cash register of gate area shops
  • at passport control
  • to the official at the departure gate


  • When you exit the aeroplane and enter the terminal, go to the luggage reclaim lobby.
  • Once you have picked up your luggage from the conveyor belt, pass through the customs line. Select the red lane if you have goods to declare. If not, pass through the green lane, or the blue EU lane if you are arriving from another EU country.
  • If your luggage has not arrived or is broken, please submit a notification at your airline's arrival service location at the airport. Your airline is responsible for luggage handling.
  • Passengers without any luggage must also pass through the luggage reclaim and customs lane to exit the terminal.

Arriving passengers may also go shopping and use the airport services.

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