Our mission is to promote mobility and make Finland more international by providing safe, high-quality and cost-efficient services to passengers and air traffic operators. Profitable and successful airports are important for the competitiveness and well-being of Finnish society.

Our operations are rooted in Finavia’s values: flight safety, customer orientation, efficiency and ability to renew, collaboration and transparency, and environmental and social responsibility. We strive to minimise the environmental impacts of our operations.

Our customer promise is “For smooth travelling”

We do our best to ensure smooth travelling and high customer satisfaction. We offer safe and reliable services, a unique customer experience and time and cost efficiencies.

The atmosphere at our Finavia airports is unhurried and positive. At its best, travelling via our airports can be easy and stress-free.

The success of Helsinki Airport is at the core of our strategy

The operating environment of airport companies is subject to change and fierce competition. Finavia's vision is to offer world-class services to airlines and air passengers.

Our key strategic objectives are developing our passenger services and improving the profitability of our airport network. We want to be a profitable, respected and well-managed service company that is regarded as one of the best operators globally in all our areas of business.

Helsinki Airport is an important air traffic hub in Europe and the leading long-distance traffic airport in Northern Europe. The fastest and most direct route between Europe and Asia travels through Helsinki Airport, which makes it a popular transfer airport. Finland is exceptionally well connected considering the size of its population.

Air traffic between Asia and Europe is expected to grow considerably in the near future, and competition for passengers will become fiercer between airports. One in three transit passengers chooses their connected flight on the basis of the midpoint airport. Smooth traffic, attractive services and short transit times will become more and more important. In order to stay in the competition, Helsinki Airport must continue to develop its operations and services. Our aim is to increase our market share.

The success of Helsinki Airport ensures good connections from Finland to the rest of the world and facilitates the profitable maintenance of the entire airport network by increasing demand for domestic routes. Staying competitive will bring more investments into Finland and support the Finnish tourism sector. Therefore it is strategically wise to support the success of Helsinki Airport, while ensuring the capacity and operation of other airports in the Finavia network.