Helsinki – The shortest route between Europe and Asia

The shortest and smoothest route to travel between East and West is via Helsinki. Our undisputable asset is our central location between continents. We are the leading long-haul airport in Northern Europe.

We have the most – currently 17 – destinations to Asia from Northern Europe. The airport offers 130 non-stop destinations around the world and 350 departures a day, connecting Europe with the rest of the world.

Hassle-free hub for Smooth Travelling

We provide unhurried, friendly atmosphere with less crowding, queuing and stress. All our gates are under one roof with short walking distances between gates. The transfer times are among the shortest in Europe.

We offer smooth passenger flow with self-service bag-drops, security access control gates and eGates. Our airport is recognized for its excellent customer care, efficiency and punctuality.

The railway connection to the Airport started in the summer 2015, which will make travelling even smoother.

Genuine customer experience

Free unlimited WiFi and innovative wireless charging opportunities for laptop users facilitate smooth connectivity and our passengers’ working possibilities. For all who enjoy a well-equipped airport, 70 new or renovated shops and restaurants will be opened to the airport in the next few years within ca. 15.000 m2.

We have also launched a TravelLab Project to make travelling via Helsinki even less stressful, more interesting and smoother for our passengers. TravelLab has included concepts and services like yoga and pilates classes and popular Midsummer festivities for passengers.

We are also the first European airport offering sleeping pods, which provide peace and privacy amidst a hectic airport. It is an ergonomic seat that can be turned into a bed, where a passenger can rest safe from passers-by and the noise.

We believe that travel is not just about movements, but the moments worth remembering. Helsinki Airport provides natural combination of form and function.