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We want to provide the best in class services to all airspace users. Do not hesitate to contact us – we are happy to consult you with any kind of matter.

We have collected all our services and contacts for more information on this page. Different types of technical, operational and financial information is available both for strategic planning and individual operations.

Airline Customer Relations & Marketing

Joni Sundelin

Joni Sundelin

SVP Marketing & Sales

Timo Järvelä

Timo Järvelä

Head of Key Account Management and Route Development
Tel: +358 20 708 2357

Mikko Komi

Mikko Komi

Key Account and Business Development Manager
Tel: +358 20 708 3530

Petri Vuori

Petri Vuori

VP, Sales and Route Development
Tel: +358 20 708 2029

Our airline contacts can be reached also by sending email to airlinerelations@finavia.fi. Personal email addresses: firstname.lastname@finavia.fi.

The flight planning pages are accessible here.

Aviation authority

Civil aviation regulatory issues in Finland are handled by  the Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi. Its main tasks are:

  • issues aviation regulations
  • grants licenses and certificates
  • oversees license and certificate holders
  • participates in international co-operation
  • oversees aircraft manufacture, maintenance and sport aviation, air operators and aviation training and air navigation services, airspace use and aerodromes
  • gives statements and issues regulations

Download Directions for non EU operators applying for an operating permit in Finland or contact Trafi for flight permissions via flightpermissions@trafi.fi

Finnish Trade Contacts

Finpro brings growth to Finland. It helps SMEs go international, encourages foreign direct investment in Finland and promotes tourism. Visit Finland and Invest in Finland are parts of the Finpro organization.

Visit Finland is financed by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy to promote Finland as an attractive tourist destination to a worldwide audience.

Invest in Finland is funded by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. It's is an expert service organization promoting foreign direct investment in Finland.

Airline Organizations in Finland

Board of Airline Representatives in Finland
 BARIF, contact address: mail@barif.com

AOC - Airlines Operators' Committee of Helsinki Airport, Chairman Tero Lampén,

tero.lampen@swissport.com, +358 40 523 2322