Finnish airspace (EFIN FIR) is part of the NEFRA (Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Sweden, Denmark) Free Route Airspace, which is a specified airspace where users may freely plan a route between a defined entry point and a defined exit point, without reference to the ATS route network. Free Route Airspace provides extensive freedom for the airspace users in their flight planning. It is possible to plan the most optimal route through the whole of NEFRA Free Route Airspace regardless of the ATS routes and FIR boundaries. Within this airspace, flights remain subject to air traffic control. EFIN FIR provides shortest routings from South India & Middle East to North America and Europe to North East Asia. Overflight charges (En Route Unit charge) within Finnish Air Space is below the Eurocontrol average.

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Osmo Liimatainen

Key Account Manager

ATCC Finland, Finavia Corporation

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