Slot Requests to Helsinki Airport

Airport Coordination Finland is a responsible body for the allocation of slots at Helsinki Airport.

All air carriers operating to and from Helsinki Airport must always submit a request for the allocation of landing and/or take-off slots to the coordinator and receive approval before operating. Only Slot Clearance Request (SCR) formatted messages to request, change or delete airport slots are accepted. Airlines are requested to send slot requests by:

For further information, please see Airport Coordination website.

Helsinki Airport Slot Coordination Committee

Participation is open to all air carriers and their representative organizations using Helsinki Airport regularly, representatives of general aviation using the airport regularly as well as the representatives of ATC and the airport operator. Finnish Transport Safety Agency (TraFi) and Airport Coordination Finland are observers in the Committee.

In case you wish to become a member of Committee and attend the meetings, please send email to the Secratary of Committee, Ms. Annika Lehtonen,

Capacity at Helsinki Airport S18

Slot coordination for general aviation and business flights

An operator or a handling agent authorized by the operator must request an airport slot for an arrival and departure as a minimum 3 hours before the planned arrival or departure time.

Slot requests shall be submitted to the EFHK Business Flight Terminal by email.
Further information: +358 20 708 2720 

Slot request shall comprise the following information:

  • date of flight
  • aircraft identification
  • type of aircraft
  • type of flight
  • estimated time of arrival and/or departure
  • aerodrome of departure and destination
  • aircraft registration
  • name of the handling agent

Business Flight Terminal will confirm slot times by e-mail to the sender. This confirmation includes, together with the information above, a slot identification (Slot-ID) which must be included in the flight plan section 18.