Top 10 honest facts to choose Finavia and Finland

Our service promise is for smooth travelling. We want to have happy and satisfied customers – be it airlines, leisure and business passengers or other operators in the aviation sector.

Below, we have listed the 10 honest and clear facts to choose us!

  1. 1

    Helsinki Airport is the shortest route between Europe and Asia. Read more.

    We are ideally located in the middle of the continents, thanks to the roundness of the globe.

  2. 2

    Helsinki Airport is the leading Northern European transfer hub with 17 direct routes between Europe and Asia. Read more.

    We host already over 2 million Asia traffic passengers per year at Helsinki Airport, and the number is growing! Helsinki is also the acces point to Russia and Baltics.

  3. 3

    We always guarantee smooth transfers. Read more.

    We have everything under one roof, and thus promise a max. 40 minutes’ transfer time from long-haul flights to European connections. We also offer efficient and fast turnarounds for airplanes.

  4. 4

    We provide excellent passenger experience. Read more.

    We provide unhurried, friendly atmosphere with less crowding, queuing and stress. We enhance our customers’ journey with our leading innovations like Travel lab and offer unlimited Wi-Fi in all our airports.

  5. 5

    We are always open! Read more.

    We are experts in operating during any weather condition. Our world-class winter maintenance units are on call 24/7 almost year round. We have the best snow-how in the world! 

  6. 6

    Top quality comes with savings at Helsinki Airport! Read more.

    Our landing costs are among the lowest in Europe.

  7. 7

    We are on the leading edge of Green Landings. Read more.

    Nearly 60% of all aircraft landings at Helsinki Airport are already employing the "Continuous Descent Approach", which reduces the aircraft fuel consumption, emissions and noise. Helsinki Airport and Lapland Airports has attained an Airport Carbon Accreditation for their significant reduction in emissions.

  8. 8

    We work closely with Santa Claus. Read more.

    Rovaniemi is Santa’s home airport and Helsinki his official gateway to visit children all over the world.

    Helsinki Airport is the leading Northern European transfer hub with 17 direct routes between Asia and Europe.

  9. 9

    We invest in cooperation! Read more.

    We work actively to support airlines in opening new routes to Finland and thus stimulate air traffic. With our incentives we aim to build a solid basis for a long-lasting collaboration.

  10. 10

    We are making extensive investments to secure smooth travelling also in the future. Read more.

    We have started revamping Helsinki Airport premises with a EUR 900 million development programme. This will increase capacity for long-haul and transfer passengers as well as for wide-body aircraft and improve the traffic arrangements.

Safety and efficiency create the basis for our operations

Flight safety in all conditions is naturally the basis of our operations. For us, safety involves flight safety, security checks of the passengers and luggage, safety of the apron, and so-called cyber security, which includes securing the functionality of different systems. The proactive work related to ensuring safety characterizes all our operations and our organization.

In addition to safety, operational efficiency and cost efficiency are key factors for the competitiveness of all our airports. The importance of competitiveness is particularly highlighted in international transit travel. Our operational efficiency is evidenced by smooth flow of passengers, the shortest possible transit time of 40 minutes and short turnaround times of airplanes, among others.

We handle hard weather conditions

Finland – weather wise it’s not always a paradise. The winter is long, dark, cold and snowy. That’s why we have the best snow-how in the world! Regardless of the conditions, we always guarantee smooth travelling. Our world-class winter maintenance units are on call 24/7 almost year round in Finavia’s network airports. Machinery and vehicles are developed for this purpose only. With the help of this special equipment we ensure that the runways and taxiways are operable even during the heaviest snowfalls.  

Successful winter maintenance at Finavia airports is a well planned, trained and executed choreography. Effective cooperation between different airport parties is essential in order to guarantee our exceptional winter maintenance.

The last time Helsinki Airport was forced to close because of the weather was in 2003 – and only for a half an hour!