Services for persons with disabilities and reduced mobility

If you require special assistance at the airport, we are happy to help. The service is free.

Services for persons with disabilities and reduced mobility

If you are elderly or have a developmental disability, visual or hearing impairment or reduced mobility, you can get assistance at the airport. The service is free.

Book the service at your travel agent or your airline at the same time you book your trip, at least 48 hours before your flight departs. Please also report at the same time, whether you have any assistive devices with you, such as a wheelchair or breathing or oxygen apparatus.

When you arrive at the airport, contact an assistant.

At Helsinki Airport, there are several call points, where you can have a direct voice connection with an assistant. The call points are located in the parking halls, in front of the terminals, in the check-in area and at the airport train station. See the locations of the call points.

At other Finavia airports, you can report to the check-in counter, with the following exceptions:

We will assist you right up to taking your seat onboard the airplane. Please tell your assistant the best way to lift you or move you.

When you return from your trip, we will assist you from the aircraft to the terminal and from there to the parking area, bus stops, train station or taxi stand.

Security control for assisted passengers

At Helsinki Airport, there is a dedicated security control lane for people with disabilities and reduced mobility. It is marked as “Assisted”.

Passengers, who are in a wheelchair, or have other assistive devices, are always screened manually. The wheelchair control box should be removed and transported in hand luggage, so that it will not be lost or damaged during transport.

Passengers with a partial or full prosthesis, or a cast, will be screened using a special device. Please inform the security officer of your prosthesis or cast. In Finland, you do not have to present an orthopaedist’s certificate for a prosthesis, but such a certificate may be required abroad.

Please be aware that guide dogs are also screened.

Refer to additional instructions on security control.

What baggage should I put in the cargo hold and what can I take with me in the cabin?

Parking services

Please check the airport’s website for further information for parking for persons with disabilities and reduced mobility, or submit your question to Finavia by email

Further information and feedback

At Helsinki Airport, there are wheelchairs and other mobility equipment available to passengers, who have to give up their own mobility equipment at check-in. A mobility device may also be requested by a passenger who considers that he or she needs a mobility aid to be able to move about in the terminal, but does not require an airport assistant.

You can give feedback on the assisted passenger services directly to the airline or to Finavia. If necessary, you may also contact the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency (Traficom). Traficom also provides additional information on the rights of disabled passengers and passengers with reduced mobility when travelling by air.

We can give you general information about assistance service by phone +358 800 120 700 (Helsinki airport, 24h).

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