Disabled parking at Helsinki Airport

The disabled parking permit entitles its holder to free parking in all car parks at the airport.

Parking spots reserved for those with a disabled parking permit

Services for the disabled and persons with reduced mobility are a priority for Finavia. Accessible travelling is important to us.

The disabled parking spaces are located in close proximity to the elevators and the entrances in the parking garages. In garages P3 and P5, disabled parking spaces can be found on each floor.

Holders of disabled parking permits can also park short-term in front of Terminal 1, when they are dropping off or picking up passengers. The short-term disabled parking spaces of Terminal 1 can be found by following the T1 Departures sign. The parking spaces are located under the bridge at the end of the terminal.

Parking in the spaces marked for disabled parking is free for the holders of a disabled parking permit. Please see the instructions on disabled parking permits found in the footer area of this page.

Use the reservation service if you want to reserve a parking spot at the airport. Reserved parking spots are subject to a fee.

If you need assistance, you can book an assistance service before the start of your trip free of charge. There are assistance call points in the parking garages and in front of the terminals for contacting the assistance service.

What to do with your disabled parking permit?

When you drive your car into a parking space inside the gated parking area, take the entry ticket you received from the machine at the gate with you on your trip, as well as your disabled parking permit. When you return from your trip, you can collect a free exit ticket against your entry ticket and disabled parking permit at the information desk. The information desk is located on the entry floor in the corridor between Terminals 1 and 2.

If the holder of the disabled parking permit has restricted mobility, another person may also collect the free exit ticket from the information desk. S/he must present the entry ticket, the disabled parking permit and the flight ticket belonging to the holder of the disabled parking permit.

When you park your car in a disabled parking space outside the gated area, display your disabled parking permit so that it can be easily seen, for example, under the windscreen.

Important info about disabled parking


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