Reserve parking in advance and save money!

If your trip is canceled

Please cancel your parking reservation at least 6 hours prior to the booking via the link provided in your booking confirmation.

P4 outdoor parking areas are closed

Parking areas P4A and P4B have been closed for the time being. It is still possible to exit the parking area normally.

Picking up or dropping off passengers

At Helsinki Airport you can easily park for a short term.

Premium Lane

Buy Premium Lane security check access with parking reservation

Car wash

Now you can leave your car for parking with us and pick it up freshly cleaned !

Parking areas and prices

See map and prices without advance reservation

Parking areas at Helsinki Airport

Information on parking halls and areas at Helsinki Airport.


Free parking bus

The parking bus will be suspended for the time being starting March 30th

Our parking prices include a free transportation between the parking areas and the airport terminals. The Finavia Parking Bus provides transportation to the parking areas about every 15 minutes from 3:30 a.m. – 1:30 a.m.

On the night between Saturday and Sunday, the bus runs 24/7.The stops are located in front of parking areas, at platform 10 at Terminal 1, and at platform 57 at Terminal 2.

See here where the parking bus moves

Driving instructions and map to Helsinki Airport