Aava Airport Medical Centre

Aava Medical Centre provides basic healthcare services at Helsinki airport. COVID-19 testing is included in the service offering.

Aava operates in two locations at the airport: Congress T2 Helsinki Airport and gate area 26.

COVID-19 testing at Aava Airport Medical Centre

COVID-19 testing is mainly carried out in Congress T2 Helsinki Airport.

Learn more about the COVID-19 testing provided by Aava Medical Centre, the various types of tests available and the opening hours of the testing service on Aava's website .

Healthcare services

Our service point at gate 26 has a primary health care nurse, and we can quickly get in touch with a doctor over a remote connection. The airport’s customers can turn to us for advice and treatment if they have acute health problems such as an earache, a migraine, an upset stomach or allergy symptoms.

You can also easily renew your prescription during a remote appointment with a doctor. Please note the opening hours of the airport’s pharmacy.

With us, you can quickly get vaccinated against influenza, even when you are leaving for a trip. You don’t need to book an appointment. You can also get certain travel vaccinations from Aava. Please find out in advance which vaccinations you need and their schedules by calling us. 

Please wear a face mask when you visit us!