Finavia FBO – Business Flights - Helsinki Airport

Finavia FBO offers premium ground handling services for business and private jets and general aviation at Helsinki Airport.

Finavia FBO provides various ground handling services at Helsinki Airport. We are open 24/7 and our experienced team is focused on delivering friendly, efficient, and personalized experience on every visit. We have a large network of service providers with who we co-operate to offer world-class services including ground services, catering, maintenance, and transportation.

List of services offered and/or arranged by Finavia FBO:

General Aviation Services for passengers and crewGroundhandling and Ramp Services
  • Self-service briefing (C/AIS/MET)
  • General aviation slots bookings
  • Customs (onsite)
  • Immigration (onsite)
  • Security check (onsite)
  • Passenger & luggage handling
  • Own car parking spot front of the terminal
  • Private terminal with own entrance and exit
  • Passenger lounge
  • Internet / Free WIFI
  • Pilot / Crew lounge
  • Refreshments
  • Snooze room
  • Ground transportation arrangements / reservations
  • Hotel arrangements / bookings
  • Vip Services
  • Ground handling services
  • Secure Aircraft parking
  • Quick Turn Capability
  • De-icing Services
  • Aircfart Fuel Service (all major credit and fuel cards accepted)
  • GPU
  • ASU
  • Aircraft toilet service
  • Aircraft potable water service
  • Aircraft catering service,
  • Pushback / Towing
  • Passenger steps
  • Fork lift
  • Conveyor belt
  • Full Concierge Service: luggage loading / unloading
  • Transportation directly to and from aircraft
  • Laundry service
  • Hangar Arrangements (subject to availability)
  • Maintenance support

The Business flight terminal is a private terminal located at the southern part of the apron, next to Helsinki Airport’s main terminal. Its peaceful location provides smooth and private access between the terminal building and the aircraft. There is a secure aircraft parking directly in front of our facilities and car parking available within metres of the terminal buildings. All services are provided under one roof which guarantees a fast response to any request.

Finavia has over 20 years of experience in General Aviation, ground handling and VIP services and we focus on high level of service. We are ready to meet any requirements efficiently and reliably. The airport is open 24/7 and slots are available, with no night-time restrictions.

Helsinki Airport Business Flights and Finavia FBO is operated by the Finnish airport company, Finavia Corporation. Finavia’s network of airports consists of 20 carbon neutral airports across Finland, including Helsinki Airport and Lapland Airports. Finavia connects Finland to the world by being the preferred partner and gateway of the North. We offer smooth travelling and are known for our snowhow during wintertime.

For all services and prices, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our 24hrs customer service.

Helsinki Airport Information
Airport CompanyFinavia
Airport Type Civil
Location (lat/long):60°19′1.92″N, 24°57′47.88″E
Elevation:55m / 180 ft
Approaches:ILS/DME GPS
Runway Surface:Asphalt
Time Zone:UTC+2(+3DT)
Daylight Savings:Last Sunday in March to last Sunday in October

Postal Address: Finavia Corporation, P.O.Box 50, 01531 Vantaa, Finland


04L length 3062 x 60 m / 10039 x 197 ft, lights: ft lts
04Rlength: 3502 x 60 m / 11483 x 197 ft, lights: ft lts
15length: 2903 x 60 m / 9518 x 197 ft, lights: ft lts