Tapio Cafe

A symphony of domestic flavours served in a Finnish environment

Tapio Cafe offers something to eat whatever the time is. The cafeteria combines treats from the Finnish kitchen with stylish Finnish design.

Tapio Cafe brings Finnish ingredients and flavours, design and nature to the middle of the airport. Cosy for a Finn, an experience for a foreigner!

We offer something to eat depending on the time of day. For those leaving on morning flights, we recommend our diverse sandwiches, freshly baked croissants, fresh fruit salads and rich yogurts. You can add rural ham, cheese, fruit and vegetables to your croissant.

Starting from lunchtime, the options are even more diverse. You can choose a Finnish squeaky cheese-quinoa salad or reindeer meatballs with mash, for example. If you want to travel more lightly, you can have a raw porridge, for example.

We are also renowned for our specialty beer tap and extensive range of beverages. If you are travelling with foreign guests, you might be interested in Finnish special alcoholic beverages.

While you are dining, you will be close to Finnish nature. Bear images by the artist Teemu Järvi decorate the walls. The floor is made of granite, and the Artek chairs and tables are birch. There is a genuine birch forest humming outside.