Taxi station in front of Terminal 2

At Helsinki Airport, there is a taxi station in front of Terminal 2. It is located outside next to the Arrivals hall of Terminal 2. The taxi station is meant for picking up passengers from the airport. Passengers may be dropped off in front of the Terminal 2 main entrance on the Departures level.

Taxi station in front of Terminal 1

There is also a taxi station in front of Terminal 1. You may pick up or drop off passengers at this taxi station. Access to the taxi station is from the pick up area via Rahtitie. Exit will be via Rahtitie and Parkkitie onto Terminaalitie.

Barriers installed on Rahtitie: identifiers required for access starting from 15 April

Barriers will be installed on Rahtitie adjacent to the Airside Center. There will be two access barriers and one exit barrier. The left-hand side access barrier is primarily reserved for taxis.

The barriers on Rahtitie have an automated taxi direction and access control system. Identifiers and access rights are required for entry. Current identifiers and access rights will remain valid.

Identifiers and access rights can be purchased from Taxi Point Oy, whose offices are located at Rahtitie 2 and are open 09:00–15:00. Enquiries: tel. +358 (0)9 8256 5510 and e-mail [email protected].

During rush hour, smooth taxi traffic will be ensured by limiting other traffic on Rahtitie. Limitations to other traffic will be in place between 7:30–9:30, 15:00–17:00, 19:00–21:00 and 22:30–00:30.

Terminal 2 invalid taxi area

The invalid taxi drop-off and waiting area in front of T2 will be relocated in front of the Scandic hotel. The new drop-off and waiting area will be at the new bus station opened on 15 May..

Additional information on access routes and traffic arrangements is available from the Finavia parking services 24/7, tel. +358 (0)20 708 3200 and e-mail [email protected].