GLO Hotel Airport

GLO Hotel Airport is your choice when you want to stay as close to the airport as possible. You can enjoy a four-star sleep in fresh sheets, wake up refreshed and have a nice shower.

You can come to GLO Airport at any time, with or without advance reservation.

Rest between flights

We can offer you a room for one or several nights, or simply for daytime use.

You won’t get bored in our hotel; we have a comfortable lounge bar and living room-type of lounging area. You can borrow board games from the reception.

Daytime rooms can be booked for 9 a.m.–5 p.m. (4 or 8 hours at the most), thereby allowing you to rest between connecting flights. We also have rooms with partition doors for families.

In addition, GLO Hotel Airport has RestPods, which are intended for the use of all visitors to the airport for short-term relaxation and work. RestPods are lockable spaces designed for 1–2 people with a sleeping place, where smart glass guarantees complete privacy and silence in the space.

Arriving at the airport hotel

GLO Hotel Airport is located on the ground floor (P) of the terminal. Passage of passengers arriving at the hotel from the arrivals hall (1st floor) by following the signs. From the corner of the Plaza Premium Lounge, turn right, where you can take the elevator or the stairs to the ground floor. Follow the signs to the hotel from the Arrivals hall. Please note that you need a valid Schengen visa to approach the hotel.

If you need directions within the airport please check our map of the airport and follow the directions or call to our reception. If you need help finding us, take a closer look at our map and instructions for arrival.

Two minutes from the hotel to security control

When you departure time is approaching, you can get easily to the security control in two minutes.

Read more about the hotel service or request additional information by telephone on +358 10 3444 600.