Under the ceiling of the terminal flies a Junkers A 50 Junior, designed in Germany in the late 1920s. It ended up in the hands of legendary Finnish aviation record-holder, Väinö Bremer in 1931. This fascinating, corrugated-skin aircraft has delighted passengers at Helsinki Airport since 1976.

Bremer flew the plane not only the length and breadth of Europe, but also made a round trip from Finland to Cape Town, South Africa.  He owned the plane until the end of the 1950s, after which it was sold first to Denmark and then Sweden. The Finnish Aeronautical Association bought the Junkers and repatriated it in 1967. It wound up as part of the Finnish Aviation Museum collection five years later.

Facts on Bremer's Junkers A 50 Junior

  • one of the first metal-skinned airplanes engine: Armstrong Siddeley Genet (5-cylinder, 80 hp)
  • two seats wingspan: 8 m length: 7 m
  • weight: 370 kg
  • registration number: OH-ABB. The first two letters of the suffix, AB are the initials of Bremer's wife, Astrid Bremer, and the second B signifies that the plane was Bremer's second.