Help for travelling and returning home We opened a pick-up point for prepaid orders. The pick-up point is open 24/7.

From the pick-up point you can collect products ordered from the Helsinki Airport’s Click & Collect online shop and Finnairshop as well as the groceries ordered from the Alepa Kauppakassi (available in Finnish) through the Foodie service. 

The pick-up point is open 24/7

The pick-up point has automatic package dispensers that work with codes. The pick-up point has camera surveillance.

Here is how the pick-up point works

The Helsinki Airport Click & Collect online shop and Finnairshop part of the pick-up point is operated by Smartpost.

When you have ordered products and chosen a time of delivery, you get a text message (SMS) when the delivery time is near. The text message contains information about the box where your package is, as well as the code you need to open it. 

Alepa Kauppakassi is operated by Alepa. Service is currently available only in Finnish.

Get informed and order in advance

The location of the pick-up point

The pick-up point for pre-ordered goods is situated on the gateway between terminal 1 and terminal 2, near the train station entrance.