Get your Planet tax free refunds at Helsinki Airport.

The service is quick and efficient, as details of all purchases made in Finland are automatically linked with the customers’ passport details, eliminating the need for time-consuming paperwork. Its easy to use, paperless and fast!

Tax refunds are available to non-EU residents on their shopping in Finland. VAT is paid back at the time of tourist’s departure from EU.

Refunds can be paid in cash or directly to your credit card.

For getting your tax back, please visit Planet's airside desk (Non-Schengen, right after passport control) or landside desk in the main Departure Hall T2 before check-in.

Airside desk is open daily 15-23
Landside desk is open daily 6-23

Outside working hours, please visit Customs (Arrivals Hall 2B or Gate 29) and obtain export stamp. You can get your post departure refund via MyAccount or drop your stamped form with credit card number into our mailbox at the airside refund desk (Non-Schengen).

Payment methods: Credit card and Cash