Global Blue handles tax free refunds at Helsinki Airport.

Citizens, who live outside the EU and Norway and EU citizens, who have lived over six months outside the EU and Norway, can apply for tax free refunds for their shopping. The idea is to refund some of the VAT to the travellers i.e. cheaper shopping.

You can get a tax free refund on products that were bought in Finland and are taken outside the EU.

If Finland is the last EU country on your trip, you can apply for a tax free refund here. Otherwise contact Global Blue in the last EU country you visit on your trip.

N.B In case of cash or Alipay refund a handling fee (3 EUR) is charged for each Tax Free Form. Credit card refunds are not subject to this fee.

Payment methods: Credit card, cash and Alipay

For more information check out our website

Remember the customs stamp

We can check the shopping in your hold baggage and stamp your tax free form at our refund office situated in Terminal 2 arrivals hall 2B. If we are closed, the customs will stamp your form. After this you can get the refund from this refund office next to gate 29 or 34.

We can also check any shopping in your hand luggage at this refund office next to gate 29 or 34.

Tax free refund by mail

If you want to apply for a refund by mail, you can drop your tax free form in our refund box. Remember to include your credit card number and get you form stamped. You get the stamp either from our refund office in Terminal 2 arrivals hall 2B or at customs.

Refund office, terminal 2 arrivals hall 2B

Customs, terminal 2