Pharmacy, Oulu

You can save time and effort by buying any over-the-counter medication you may need for travelling at the airport. The pharmacy service point at Oulu airport is located in connection to the Oulu Cafe after the security check area.

Conveniently stock up on the pharmacy products you need for your trip at the airport. This will save both time and trouble before you travel.

The side-branch of the Rotuaari Pharmacy at Oulu Airport serves customers at the Oulu cafe.
The product range has been designed specifically with the needs of flight passengers in mind. You will find the most common over-the-counter treatments for stomach upsets, allergies and travel sickness.

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer prescription medicines.

The airport pharmacy is located in the gate area after the security check and serves customers at the Oulu cafe. The shop and pharmacy are open according to flight schedules.