The Aviator Solaris sculpture by the renowned artist Stefan Lindfors is like a banner, given life by the wind.

It consists of two parts: a weather vane welded from stainless steel pipes, and the wing section, made from transparent bluish glass fibre. The sculpture was paid for by Finavia and the brothers Gröndahl foundation.  It is located in front of the Vaasa airport, as a reminder of the joys of flying and the discovery of new worlds.

The work has been funded by Finavia and Gröndahl Foundation.

Aviator Solaris is part of the Finavia Art Collection and is thus part of the Art Port concept of the airport, which aims to provide passengers with new and surprising services. Art has a positive impact on passenger satisfaction and is therefore also part of Finavia's customer experience development work.

Finavia has ordered Lindfors also two other works, which are located at Helsinki-Vantaa:

Concorde and Skydreamer- sculpture Finavia ordered to celebrate the centenary of Finland’s independence.