Furthermore, there are areas intended for other than air traffic-related construction projects available in the immediate vicinity of airports.


  • Lots and construction projects at Helsinki Airport: Esa Siponen, Vice President, Properties ([email protected]).
  • Office, storage, and other facilities located in the Helsinki Airport terminal building: Kari Luhtanen, Property Manager ([email protected]), tel. +358 20 708 3403.
  • Office, storage, and other facilities located elsewhere in the Helsinki Airport area (outside the terminal building): Lentoasemakiinteistöt Corporation (LAK).
  • For enquiries concerning lots and construction projects, as well as office, storage, and other facilities at other airports, please contact the manager of the relevant airport. First, select the desired airport from the top navigation bar, and then click on "Contact Information" on the airport's home page.
  • Development and marketing of the areas located in the immediate vicinity of the airports: Lentoasemakiinteistöt Corporation (LAK).
  • Business premises (cafés, shops) located at Helsinki Airport and regional airports