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Celebrations for the Finnish Air Force’s 100th anniversary will take over Jyväskylä Airport next summer

The Air Force’s anniversary airshow at Jyväskylä airport will be held in the summer of 2018. The airport has a long history of serving as a military airport.

History of Finnish aviation: the1930s – Bremer’s heroic flights and air forces in the Winter War

One of the most well-known heroes of Finnish civil aviation in the 1930s was Captain Väinö Bremer. Otherwise, the 30s were characterized by increasing military action in...

Finavia to participate in Kaivopuisto Air Show as main partner

The unique Kaivopuisto Air Show will take place this Friday. Finavia will have a prominent presence at the event.

Planes: five facts about the ATR 72

A small but feisty aircraft model, the ATR 72 is popular on short routes around the world.

The secret life of ETAs: Here’s how Helsinki Airport keeps flight arrival times up-to-date

Reliable estimates for arrival times can only be updated once the plane has left the previous airport.

History of Finnish Aviation: the 1920s – Commercial airline Aero founded

The 1920s saw the start of commercial aviation in Finland, with the birth of the first airline, Aero. Today it is known as Finnair.