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More efficient sky benefits air traffics competitiveness

A well-functioning airspace is safe, free of delays, reliable and cost-efficient. How is this enormous jigsaw puzzle assembled in Europe, a continent where state...

Famous landings in HEL: Marlon Brando, 1967

The world famous American actor visited Finland for an Unicef gala, caused a ”collective orgasm” among Finnish audience members, but ended up in the hospital.

This is Finavia’s new aircraft test run area

Finavia’s goal is to advance the comfort of the Aviapolis area, currently under construction, with its operations. Now, the noise originating from airplane engine test usage...

Planes of Helsinki Airport: five facts about the famous Airbus 350

The arrival of Finnair’s A350 XWB fleet at Helsinki Airport was a real event in 2015. Read facts about the famous aircraft model.

Airport water salute: The wet tradition is here to stay

A water salute is a tradition which has recently been witnessed many times at Helsinki Airport. We found out what a water salute is and what its purpose is.

Winter tips for air transport operators flying to airports in the north

Airports in northern Finland experience extremely severe conditions in the winter, placing great demands on pilots and operators alike. The Finnish Transport Safety Agency...