Flying drones near airports and in controlled airspace

If you are a professional pilot of a Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) or are interested in flying radio-controlled aircraft for recreational purposes, you need to apply for a permit to fly remotely piloted aircraft in controlled airspace and near airports. Check airport-specific instructions on this page.

Flying drones in the Helsinki Airport and Helsinki-Malmi Airport areas

As a rule, it is forbidden to operate drones, unmanned aircraft systems or remotely piloted aircraft systems at a distance of less than five kilometres from Helsinki Airport and Helsinki-Malmi Airport.

RPAS pilots will only be provided with permits for well-justified reasons. Send your permit application to Finavia via email no later than five business days before your intended piloting date.

Attach a VAC map representing the Helsinki Airport or Helsinki-Malmi Airport airspace on which you have indicated your operating area. You can get a VAC map from the AIP service maintained by Finavia. Select AD 2 Aerodromes and either Helsinki-Vantaa or Helsinki-Malmi. You can find the VAC map from a table under Visual Approach and Landing Charts.

Indicate the following in your email:

  • your contact details (name of company and name, email address and telephone number of contact person)
  • street address or coordinates of the piloting site
  • requested piloting date and time

Further information

The guidelines presented on this page are based on regulation OPS M1-32 of the Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Trafi) and section 11 of the Aviation Act on temporary segregated areas. All pilots of drones and unmanned aircraft systems are advised to become familiar with legislation on safety and privacy protection. Further information about recreational drone piloting is available at the Trafi website.