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Photo exhibition: Beijing

The Beijing-themed photography exhibition at Helsinki Airport will showcase the most notable cultural sites, beautiful scenery and exotic features of the metropolis.

The exhibition on show at the airport is a collaboration between Helsinki Airport and its sister airport in Beijing, which serves over 90 million passengers annually. The artwork has travelled to Helsinki Airport from Beijing.

Through art, the exhibition's 20 photographs strengthen and honour the close collaboration of the airports and promote Beijing as an interesting destination.

Helsinki Airport is an important air traffic hub between Asia and Europe. The exhibition brings China, currently the airport's biggest source of growth, closer to the passengers.

The Beijing photography exhibition will remain on display at Helsinki Airport until May 2017.

Helsinki Airport is an airport of art

Helsinki Airport is known for its patronage of the arts. The photography exhibition is part of Finavia's ArtPort concept, which is aimed at offering surprising and novel services free of charge, as well as relaxing rest stops for passengers in the otherwise hectic airport environment.

It also offers artists an opportunity to present their work to a wide domestic and international audience: enough people pass through Helsinki Airport every day to fill out the Helsinki Olympic Stadium.

A second photography exhibition can be found on the arrivals floor in terminal 2. The aviation-themed Photo Gallery has a rotating exhibition that changes biannually.

Gate 38 (Show on the map)
Opening hours
Open 24/7

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