Buy or reserve products online and collect them from a storeor the separate pick-up point. You can buy or reserve your favourite products up to seven (7) days in advance. The service is easy to use. You save time and can choose when to collect your items. 

Your items will be ready for collection at the earliest 8 hours after your purchase/reservation. Please note that products may only be collected during the store’s open hours. Reserved products will be paid for when picked up. Products will be reserved for 24 hours after which the reservation will expire

What is your destination?

Your access to the store may depend on the destination you are flying to or if you are just transferring. The main locations are: 

  1. Before security control
  2. After Security control
  3. Non-Schengen area (gates 32-60) Flights to non-Schengen countries

*A List of Schengen countries

Locations can be found in each store's details.

Buy online

  1. Select products by adding them to your cart.
  2. Open your cart and complete the purchase.
  3. Sign in with your username or register if you’re using Finavia’s services for the first time.
  4. Accept the terms of use and select the pick-up date.
  5. Pay with the credit card you’ve entered in the system or add a new credit card.
  6. You will receive the order confirmation via e-mail. You can also find your order confirmations in your user account in the “My profile” section at the top of the page.
  7. Take the electronic or printed order confirmation with you when you collect your products from the store.

Reserve online

  1. Select products by adding them to your cart.
  2. Open your cart and complete the reservation.
  3. Sign in with your username or register if you’re using Finavia’s services for the first time. You can also continue without registration and just fill in your contact information. 
  4. Accept the terms of use, select the pick-up date and send your reservation request.
  5. You will automatically receive an e-mail with a summary of your reservation request. 
  6. The store will send you a separate reservation confirmation. 
  7. Take the electronic or printed reservation confirmation with you when you collect your reserved products.
  8. Products can be picked up at the selected pick-up time, however the earliest possible time will be at least eight (8) hours after you submitted your reservation request. Please note that products can only be picked up during the store's open hours.
  9. Pay for the products at the store.

Delivery methods

Collect from a store

Reserve or pay for your products online and your order will be packed and ready for collection at the store. Please note that products may only be collected during the store's opening hours.

The order confirmation will be sent to you by e-mail. It will also be saved in your user account on the website (, My profile) and the Helsinki Airport mobile app. The store will send the reservation confirmation by e-mail. The reservation confirmation from the store is not saved in the user account.

You must take the order/reservation confirmation with you to the store, either in printed or electronic form (e-mail, confirmation in the mobile app or on the website).  Your items will be ready for collection at the earliest 8 hours after your purchase. The reserved products will be paid for when they are picked up. The products will be reserved for 24 hours. 

Pick-up point

The prepaid products can also be collected at the online store’s pick-up point, which is located at the Smartpost parcel locker at Helsinki Airport, before entering the security control area.

Your parcel will be ready for pick-up at 12:00 noon on the following business day. If you want to pick up your goods during the weekend, place your order on Thursday at the latest (please note: delivery times may be longer in the case of mid-week holidays.) The parcel locker is open 24/7.

Parcels are stored in the Smartpost locker for 7 seven days. You will receive the arrival notice and locker code via SMS.
The use of the pick-up point is free of charge.

Payment methods

The Helsinki Airport online store accepts Visa, Visa Electron and Master Card credit cards. We will make a reservation on your card as soon as we receive the order. If we are unable to reserve the amount, we will cancel your order and notify you of the cancellation.

Returns and cancellations

These return and cancellation policies concern prepaid purchases only. Reservations and purchases paid for in stores are covered by the Finnish Consumer Protection Act. 

14-day return and cancellation period

In accordance with the Finnish Consumer Protection Act, the customer has the right to cancel purchases made in an online store by notifying the vendor within fourteen (14) days of placing the order or collecting the goods (cancellation period). If the customer cancels the order, the Helsinki Airport online store will return the payment to the customer’s debit or credit card company.

Cancelling the order before pick-up

If you want to cancel a purchase you made in the online store, you must clearly notify the vendor specified in your order confirmation via e-mail within fourteen (14) days. The vendor’s e-mail address can be found in the order confirmation. Include the following information in your message: your name, address and other relevant information, such as the reference number, order date, reception date, invoice number and name of the product.

Returning products after pick-up

If you want to return a product you have already collected, you must pay the return costs. You are also responsible for the condition of the product after you have received it and during the return. The product must be returned within fourteen (14) days of notifying the vendor of the cancellation. Returned products must be packed carefully, be in good condition and in their original container and/or packaging. Returns must be sent to the vendor by mail, using the postal address specified in the order confirmation.

Cancelling the sale

If the customer cancels a sale, the amount paid by the customer is refunded. The vendor will refund the amount without undue delay, however, at the latest fourteen (14) days after the vendor received the cancellation notification from the customer. The vendor has the right to suspend the payment of the refund until the vendor has received the returned products or the customer has proven that the return has taken place. The price is refunded to the customer using the same payment method that the customer used in the original order. However, the vendor has the right to deduct from the refundable amount a sum equivalent to the decrease in the product’s value, if the decrease in value is caused by the customer handling the product more than was necessary for determining its functioning or qualities.

The right of cancellation does not apply to the following products and services:

a) products that are manufactured or modified according to the customer’s specifications or that are clearly customised (for example, personalised smart mobile devices);

b) products sold in sealed packages after the seal is broken. These cannot be returned for health or hygienic reasons (for example, underwear, cosmetics, in-ear headphones, swimwear, etc.);

c) sound or visual recordings or software sold in sealed packages after the seal is broken;

d) perishable goods (for example, take away dishes from cafés or restaurants or other perishable foods);

e) services that are completed or, in the case of digital content, the delivery of which has started before the end of the cancellation period at the customer’s request or with the customer’s consent, provided that the customer has been notified that these purchases are non-cancellable;

f) products or services related to restaurants or leisure, when the agreement covers performance at or within a specific time (for example, entrance to the airport lounge).

These cases are governed by Chapter 6, section 16 of the Consumer Protection Act.

Read our complete online store terms and conditions.

Questions about products?

In case you have questions about the products, please contact the store directly. Store contact information can be found in the order confirmation or reservation request message and on the Shops page