To and from Jyväskylä Airport

Jyväskylä Airport is located in Tikkakoski about 23 km from Jyväskylä city centre.

Driving instructions and contact details


Taxis operating in the Jyväskylä region wait in front of the airport when flights arrive. There is a taxi phone at the terminal entrance. You can use it to request a taxi when necessary.  If you want to secure a taxi, book a taxi in advance from Jyväskylän Aluetaksi.

There is no bus service between Jyväskylä city center and the airport. Timetables for long distance coaches to and from the airport are available on Matkahuolto website. Train connections to and from Jyväskylä are available on VR website.

Car Rentals


If you arrive at Jyväskylä Airport by car, it is convenient to leave your cark at the parking area in front of the terminal.  Parking for the disabled is located in front of the terminal at marked spaces. Place your disabled parking permit on the windscreen inside the car so that it is easily visible.

Parking fees

Parking area P1
Prices per hour
1 h2 €
2 h3 €
3 h4 €
4 h5 €
5 h6 €
6 h7 €
7 h8 €
8 h9 €
9-24 h10 €
Parking area P1
Prices per day
1 d10 €
2 d20 €
3 d30 €
4 d32 €
5 d34 €
6 d36 €
7 d38 €
Additional days+ 2 €/d
15 d54 €
Additional days+ 2 €/d
1 month84 €

Pay for your parking in advance using the machines located in the parking area. You can pay with debit or credit cards from Eurocard, Visa or MasterCard (not Diners or Amex).

You can pay for your parking also with the EasyPark mobile app, which can be downloaded from your phone’s app store or online at

Payment by cash hasn’t been available since the beginning of December 2015.

Prices and conditions for annual parking contracts are available at the Finavia information desk.

Please do not allow your mobile phone to come into contact with your parking ticket, since it may damage the magnetic strip on the ticket.

Parking at the airport is always at your own risk.