About Kemi-Tornio Airport

Finavia maintains and develops the Finnish airport network. At the Nordic level, it has the highest number of direct flights to Asia. It is the southernmost airport in Lapland. Situated on the coast of the Bay of Bothnia, the airport serves business travelers and tourists heading to Southern Lapland. Many of the travel destinations in the Kemi-Tornio region are situated within excellent traffic connections from the airport.

Basic information

  • Annual passenger and landing statistics of the airport are published on Finavia's Traffic Statistics page.
  • The airport's runway is 2,500 metres long.

    Finavia's Traffic Statistics


  • 1936: Construction at the Kemi-Tornio Airport begins. The airport is completed in the autumn of 1939. The war, however, puts a halt to air traffic soon after it begins.
  • 1945: The war-damaged runways are repaired. Aero begins operating from Helsinki to Kemi. The yearly number of passengers is 2,652.
  • 1953: The new airport building is completed. The building is expanded in the 1960s, when the adjacent air traffic control tower is completed.
  • 1960: The new 2,000 metre runway is completed. Later the main runway is paved and extended to 2,500 metres.
  • 1969: The yearly number of passengers surpasses 20,000 for the first time.
  • 1971: Jet traffic to Kemi begins on 1 November. The yearly number of passengers is over 30,000.
  • 1988: The yearly number of passengers, which has been on the rise through the 1980s, reaches 90,000.