Check-in, security control and baggage at Kittilä Airport

Check the check-in time of your flight from your ticket reservation or airline homepage. Make sure to be at the airport in time especially if you have luggage that will be carried in the cargo hold, such as suitcases, golf bags, skis or a pushchair.

Remember to pack your luggage correctly before coming to the airport. Also check the instructions well in advance if you are

Delayed or broken baggage

Airlines are responsible for the handling, transportation and handover of baggage. If your luggage is delayed or damaged, immediately report the matter at your airline’s service desk.

All inquiries concerning baggage must be submitted to the airline. For contact information and instructions, visit your airline’s website.

Kittilä Airport Map

Kittilä Contact Information

Visiting address: Levintie 259, 99100 Kittilä
Postal address: P.O. Box 88, 99101 Kittilä
Opening hours: Terminaali avautuu kaksi tuntia ennen lennon lähtöä.

Airport Information & Parking

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Neuvonta 0200 14 919 (1,18 € min + pvm)


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Löytötavaratiedustelut:Finavian neuvonta

Finavia Corporation's national contact information
Airport manager: Kimmo Liukkonen

Web Pages and Social Media

Websites: and
Facebook Helsinki Airport and Finavia
Twitter: Helsinki Airport and Finavia
YouTube: Helsinki Airport and Finavia

Airport Codes

IATA-code: KTT

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