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The secret life of ETAs: Here’s how Helsinki Airport keeps flight arrival times up-to-date

Reliable estimates for arrival times can only be updated once the plane has left the previous airport.

Niclas Köhler to be Finavia’s new Chief Financial Officer

Finavia has chosen as its new CFO and board member Niclas Köhler. Mr Köhler will take up the position on August.

Finavia investigating the opportunities of mixed reality

SITA is investigating the opportunities of mixed reality in airport process management, using Helsinki Airport as a pilot site. Mixed reality combines virtual worlds with...

Helsinki Airport is one of Finland’s largest summer job zones

Finavia Group will employ 150 young people throughout Finland this summer. Helsinki Airport and Aviapolis together form one of Finland’s largest summer job zones, where...

The air show of the century is approaching — take a peek behind the scenes as a volunteer

The Kaivopuisto Air Show is looking for volunteers. Finavia is one of the two main partners of the air show.

Plan your own menu for your flight: morning flight

Helsinki Airport offers plenty of healthy and delicious options to those who prefer to eat food of their own choosing on the plane.

Vaasa was elected Airport of the Year – “A pleasure to watch”

Vaasa Airport has been elected Airport of the Year from among Finavia’s network of airports. Fifth-largest airport in Finland when measured by passenger volumes, Vaasa Airport...

Capi, the electronics retailer, returns to Helsinki Airport

Travellers can once again buy the electronic items they need at Helsinki Airport. Capi, which used to have a store at the airport, has returned to the gate area.

History of Finnish Aviation: the 1920s – Commercial airline Aero founded

The 1920s saw the start of commercial aviation in Finland, with the birth of the first airline, Aero. Today it is known as Finnair.

Finnish design in hand luggage size – TRE opened a pop-up shop in Helsinki Airport

Focusing on Finnish fashion and design, TRE opened a pop-up shop in Helsinki Airport. The shop is serving customers for the summer.

Which airport can be found between Finland and Sweden?

Located in a town with a maritime history and Swedish-speaking inhabitants, this airport offers nonstop flights to Helsinki, Turku and Stockholm. Can you guess which one it is?

Top expert interview: The future of air travel

The aviation industry is embracing new technologies, from ones that improve passenger flow at airports to alternative fuel sources.