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A new mobile application for drone pilots

Trafi has launched a new Droneinfo mobile application that offers instructions and guidelines for the pilots of remote-controlled camera drones.

Ten years working at the Moomin Shop

Three of the Moomin Shop employees have worked in the shop since it opened ten years ago. Great customers and co-workers make coming to work everyday pleasant and easy.

Renovation works at Turku Airport on 29-30 July 2017

The runway of Turku Airport will be under renovation starting from 29 July at 16:00 untill 30 July at 10:00. The terminal is open as usual.

Have you been to Capi?

The Dutch electronics store recently reopened its doors at Helsinki Airport. Make sure to leave a little space in your carry-on! 

New air traffic records met in Finland: The amount of passengers increasing rapidly

In Finland, Finavia’s airports have attracted a record number of passengers this year. In the first half of 2017, there were in total of 10,958,075 passengers. This represents...

Did you know this about the Helsinki Airport development programme? Ten interesting facts!

Air travel will soon be even smoother and more straightforward. Helsinki Airport now features new, comfortable spaces full of light as well as new and diverse services. It...

The new expansion of Helsinki Airport was inaugurated on the anniversary of the airport

The new south pier of Helsinki Airport was opened for passengers and air traffic on Monday, 10 July. The first flight from the majestic south pier departed from gate 54 at 2:10...

Power up! Here’s where to charge your phone or laptop for free at Helsinki Airport 

Find power sockets, USB ports and other charging stations at Helsinki Airport from this handy map.

Here’s how the streams around Helsinki Airport are being rehabilitated

Finavia employees spent a day with the City of Vantaa’s two “streamkeepers”, repairing Kylmäoja stream that runs next to Helsinki Airport. With the help of systematic...

The new south pier at the Helsinki Airport was taken for a spin by 200 test travellers

The first section of  Helsinki Airport's terminal addition, the south pier, is scheduled to be taken into use very soon during this July. On the 6th of July, around 200...

Use automatic border control gates to avoid queues

The Finnish Border Guard encourages passengers to make use of automated border control gates, especially during the busiest periods in July and early August. Automated...