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Did you know this about overbooked flights?

Aleksi Jyrälä was unexpectedly bumped from his KLM flight from Amsterdam to Helsinki. Airlines regularly overbook flights, though most cases are resolved on a voluntary basis.

History of Finnish aviation: 1910s – the Takeoff

At the start of the 1910s, airplanes were still considered the past-time of “daredevils or thrill-seekers”. By the end of the decade, most developed countries, including the...

Finavia airports had a strong start to the year

Demand for air transport continued to grow strongly in the first quarter, with passenger numbers at Finavia’s airports rising by 6.9 percent on same period in the previous year.

Planes of Helsinki Airport: facts about the Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Introduced in 2005, the Boeing 787 offers a refurbished passenger experience, both in a tangible and intangible sense. This is an aircraft of the dreams that you want to board...

Famous landings in HEL: Rolling Stones, 1970

In 1970, the Rolling Stones were the first band to ever perform at the Olympic Stadium in Helsinki. However, the band’s arrival at the airport wasn’t met with the warmest...

Airport Business Basics 101: How do airports make money?

How do airports turn a profit? What determines their success? Finavia’s CEO Kari Savolainen walks us through the basics of the airport business.

Helsinki Airport's runway 2 renovated in summer 2017

Finavia is renovating Helsinki Airport’s runway 15-33, or runway 2, over 5 June–9 September 2017. The renovation is not expected to affect the flow or air traffic. However...

Airlines of Helsinki Airport: Croatia Airlines

Offering the fastest connection between Finland and Southeastern Europe, the Croatian flag carrier is known for its flight safety, its commitment to the environment, and the...

Guerlain’s Duty Free section at Helsinki Airport best in Europe

The Helsinki Airport Duty Free store’s Guerlain department sales staff has been awarded the Best Travel Retail Europe Award. This is the first time this award has been given...

Finland’s favourite customs dog Dani retired

The customs dogs at Helsinki Airport have an important job.

Alipay: Shopping the mobile way

Known as the shortest and smoothest way to travel between Europe and Asia, Helsinki Airport has now introduced a payment system targeted at one of its most significant...

Chinese President arrived in Helsinki Airport, Finland

Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in Finland for a state visit on Tuesday 4th April 2017.