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Humans of Helsinki Airport: Krista Peurasaari

Barbershop M Room’s Krista Peurasaari enjoys the airport’s unique working environment.

Sports bar O’Learys gets a new look – New Burger King in the Schengen area

Helsinki Airport's legendary sports bar O’Learys gets a makeover during spring 2017. A brand new Burger King will be opened in June next to O’Learys.

Flying without borders: Assisting passengers with reduced mobility

In Oulu, airport staff received training on assistance services and the right technique in helping wheelchair passengers board an aircraft.

No more strikes in Finland due to the union conflict

The Finnish Aviation Union IAU strike actions affected only a little to ground handling services on Friday March 17 at Helsinki Airport. 

Food and shopping pre-order service now at Helsinki Airport

You can now order airport food and do shopping in advance. Collection takes place in the airport pick-up points at the time most convenient to the passenger. Finavia is...

Photo exhibition "My Finland" opened at Kuopio Airport

The history of Finland and time passing by is pictured in a photo exhibition at Kuopio Airport as a part of centennial celebration of Finland.

Decisions of Finavia’s general meeting

The Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of Finavia Corporation was held on 17 March 2017 in Helsinki.

Finavia’s air navigation services have been turned over to Air Navigation Services Finland Oy

Finavia’s air navigation service will be incorporated into its own company. The name of this new company is Air Navigation Services Oy (ANS Finland) and it will start operating...

Finavia’s Annual Report and Responsibility report have been published

From reports you can find key information and significant highlights of our record-breaking year. 

Why quick turnarounds are crucial for airlines

For every minute an aircraft is on the ground, the fewer routes it can fly.

Key elements of airport regulations

Airport operations are highly regulated by international, EU and national authorities. The infographic below illustrates and simplifies the main themes that dictate...

Steering world-class airports

Though Finland is sparsely populated and could be considered a geographical outlier, the country is very well connected in terms of air travel. Accessibility is a key factor...