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Four facts about the runways at Helsinki Airport

Did you know that Helsinki Airport has more runways than Heathrow? Here are a few interesting facts about the runways at Finland’s main hub.

Pushback, rescue vehicle and Lefa – these are some of the special vehicles at Helsinki Airport

Presenting four of the special vehicles needed to run Helsinki Aiport safely and smoothly.

How well do you know the Airbus A380?

In the near future, Gate 49 at the expanded Helsinki Airport will be able to accommodate this superjumbo. Here’s a preview of this modern aviation icon.

Four tips to make travelling with kids stress-free

Attention, parents travelling with small children! From finding kid-friendly things to do at Helsinki Airport to entertaining little ones during airplane rides, here are some...

Ever wondered why airplane windows are round?

Square windows were all the rage during the early days of commercial aviation, but a series of high-profile tragedies led to changes in aircraft design.

Finnair opens new routes to Bergen and Tromsø in Norway

Finnair will open new routes between Helsinki and Bergen and Tromsø in Norway in May 2018, connecting the regions to Finnair’s extensive Asian network.

It doesn’t get more Finnish than this

From shopping for local designer goods to enjoying a feast with a fantastic view. Here are six ways to make your visit to Helsinki Airport even more memorable this year...

Driverless electric bus to be tested at Helsinki Airport

Finavia and Metropolia University of Applied Sciences will test a driverless electric bus at Helsinki Airport. The driverless bus will operate between two parking areas, and...

Finavia improves services offered to electric car drivers at Kuopio Airport

Finavia has opened an electric car charging station for passengers at Kuopio Airport. The installation of charging stations at airports is part of Finavia’s...

Humans of Helsinki Airport: Aircraft cleaner Pauliina Henriksson

Cleaning team leader Pauliina Henriksson talks about what it’s like to tidy up after airline passengers.

Helsinki Airport is now on WeChat

Finavia has opened a business page for Helsinki Airport in the Chinese WeChat service.