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Take part in Finavia's sustainability dialogue

Being a sustainable company, we want to continuously develop our activities. Tell us your opinions on how we could even better succeed in what we do.

Helsinki Airport goes solar energy – Finavia supports the international climate agreement through its climate programme

Finavia has decided to speed up its ambitious climate programme. The aim is to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions caused by the operations of all of the company's 21 airports...

Finavia recruits 200 test passengers to assess the new Helsinki Airport facilities – A role play inspired event at the airport

A new era of travel will soon be here when Finavia opens the new magnificent south wing of Helsinki Airport during summer 2017. Before the opening, Finavia will arrange a...

Here is Helsinki Airport’s new iconic entrance: see the amazing photos

The next phase of Finavia’s gigantic investment at Helsinki Airport will begin when the airport’s check-in and arrivals halls and public transport connections are revamped. At...

Finavia has signed a letter of intent with its partners for development of the airport area

A joint letter of intent has been signed by Finavia Corporation, the fund managed by the private equity firm NREP, and the private equity firm Pontos Group for developing...

Top expert interview: The future of air travel

The aviation industry is embracing new technologies, from ones that improve passenger flow at airports to alternative fuel sources.

Helsinki Airport's runway 2 renovated in summer 2017

Finavia is renovating Helsinki Airport’s runway 15-33, or runway 2, over 5 June–9 September 2017. The renovation is not expected to affect the flow or air traffic. However...

The airport's first travelator

Soon, passengers will be able to move even more smoothly through the Helsinki Airport, when the terminal's new south wing and the airport's first travelator will be opened in...

This is Finavia’s new aircraft test run area

Finavia’s goal is to advance the comfort of the Aviapolis area, currently under construction, with its operations. Now, the noise originating from airplane engine test usage...

Soaring over the runways — first section of the Helsinki Airport terminal expansion to be put to use at the end of summer.

Helsinki Airport is preparing for an increase in air traffic. That is why the airport is currently undergoing an expansion project. Watch the video to see what the busy...

Why do all airports tend to look the same? Read what an architect has to say.

Have you gotten that 'I’ve-been-here-before' feeling at an airport you’ve only just arrived at? We asked an architect, one who knows Helsinki Airport better than anyone else...

Airport environment attracts yet another hotel to Helsinki Airport

Scandic, the largest hotel chain in the Nordics, will open a new hotel at Helsinki Airport in early 2018. The growing hotel room capacity improves the service level of...