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Take part in Finavia's sustainability dialogue

Being a sustainable company, we want to continuously develop our activities. Tell us your opinions on how we could even better succeed in what we do.

Helsinki Airport is now carbon-neutral

It is now official: The carbon footprint of Helsinki Airport is zero and it has received the international Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA) certificate for this achievement.

Here’s how the streams around Helsinki Airport are being rehabilitated

Finavia employees spent a day with the City of Vantaa’s two “streamkeepers”, repairing Kylmäoja stream that runs next to Helsinki Airport. With the help of systematic...

Helsinki Airport goes solar energy – Finavia supports the international climate agreement through its climate programme

Finavia has decided to speed up its ambitious climate programme. The aim is to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions caused by the operations of all of the company's 21 airports...

Improving the conditions of fish streams together – Finavia supports stream maintenance in Vantaa

Finavia invests in the remediation of streams in Vantaa by supporting the city's stream maintenance activities. Stream caretakers will continue the remediation of streams...

Top expert interview: The future of air travel

The aviation industry is embracing new technologies, from ones that improve passenger flow at airports to alternative fuel sources.

Diligent work in controlling aircraft noise

The control of aircraft noise is a fine-tuned package which takes into account the safety and smooth flow of air traffic and the locations of residential areas.

Recycling beverage packages a lottery win for Plan

Finland uses a deposit-based system to collect beverage packages for recycling. Passengers leave a large number of these packages at the Helsinki Airport security checkpoints...

Top expert interview: How the aviation industry fights the climate change?

We asked the executive director of the Air Transport Action Group what everyone should know about the environmental impacts of flying, and the industry’s recent climate agreement.

This is Finavia’s new aircraft test run area

Finavia’s goal is to advance the comfort of the Aviapolis area, currently under construction, with its operations. Now, the noise originating from airplane engine test usage...

Water management at Finavia: measurements and minimising loading

For Finavia, air traffic area maintenance is in a key position to ensure the safety and punctuality of air traffic in every kind of weather. Finavia is in charge of the...

Five interesting facts about receiving refugees at the airport

The new life of quota refugees arriving in Finland starts at Helsinki Airport. Red Cross volunteers offer a humane welcome.