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Driverless electric bus to be tested at Helsinki Airport

Finavia and Metropolia University of Applied Sciences will test a driverless electric bus at Helsinki Airport. The driverless bus will operate between two parking areas, and...

Finavia improves services offered to electric car drivers at Kuopio Airport

Finavia has opened an electric car charging station for passengers at Kuopio Airport. The installation of charging stations at airports is part of Finavia’s...

Oulu Airport re-opens for traffic following runway repairs

Air traffic at Oulu Airport starts again at the beginning of August. Night-time restrictions will continue until 13 August, affecting the first and last flight of the day.

HSL: How to buy a public transport ticket at the Helsinki Airport train station

Helsinki Airport train station was opened to traffic 10 July 2015. Read here how HSL advises passengers to buy tickets to the train. The entrance from the train station...

Buy a ticket before boarding the airport train

From 19 June, tickets can no longer be purchased aboard commuter trains in the metropolitan area. Tickets for the airport train can be bought from ticket machines, R-kioski...

Renovation to start at Oulu Airport – bus transportation to Kemi-Tornio Airport

The renovation of traffic areas at Oulu Airport will begin in May, and it will affect flight schedules until the end of August. Some flights will depart from Oulu and some...

Here’s three reasons to reserve a parking spot in advance

If you’re travelling to Helsinki Airport by car, why not pre-book your parking? It saves time, makes your journey smoother and secures a spot in the parking hall of your choice.

How do Helsinki Airport employees get to work?

350 flights depart Helsinki Airport each day, and for that to happen as smoothly as possible, a significant amount of airport staff is required at all times. We spoke to...

Electric buses to get you to Turku Airport smoothly

Turku Airport can now be accessed ecologically with the first electrically powered bus introduced by Föli, Turku Region Traffic, in early October. The bus will be operating...

Best places to park your car at Helsinki Airport

Here’s how quickly you can walk from the car parks to the terminals at Helsinki Airport.

Finland's largest parking facility ready: 3,000 new parking spaces and 30 electric car charging stations at Helsinki Airport

The expanded parking facility P5 increases the total number of parking spaces at the airport to 13,000. With its 4,600 spaces, P5 is in all probability the largest parking...

Airport parking fees drop – P5 even better value than before

Did you know that the parking areas at the airport are located in front of Terminals 1 and 2, only a few minutes' walk from the check-in? Parking is excellent value, with...