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How well you know airplanes, airlines and airports? On this page you find games and quizzes about aviation and traveling. Try your luck and share the result on your Facebook page or on Twitter.


What kind of traveller are you? Take the test!

Are you a hedonistic pleasure seeker or a routined and efficient traveler? Find out with our quick and fun test!

Test your knowledge of airport codes with our quiz

Are you familiar with JFK, BCN or MXP?

Quiz: Can you identify these airport movie scenes?

Many films present departure terminals and arrivals halls as places of romance, adventure,drama and comedy. Take our quiz and name these airport moments as seen on the big screen.

Can you identify airport signs and markers? Take our quiz!

Getting around on the ground can be one of the most interesting parts of your flight. Test your knowledge of airports’ signs and pavement markings.

Can you identify Finnish airports from the air?

Take our photo quiz to test your knowledge of Finnish airports.