19.7.2017 at 12:44
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A new mobile application for drone pilots

Trafi has launched a new Droneinfo mobile application that offers instructions and guidelines for the pilots of remote-controlled camera drones.

The new Droneinfo application includes information on the restricted and forbidden areas, height restrictions, other pilots and the weather, among other things, affecting flying drones. The user can check the situation of the planned flying area on the map and mark himself or herself as a drone pilot in the area during a certain time.

The objective is to guide drone pilots to safe flying areas and distribute safety tips.

“Hobby drone pilots may not necessarily be aware of the aviation regulations, which might mean that they don’t always know about areas forbidden from aviation. The purpose of our new mobile application is to make finding information easier and thus increase safety,” says Jukka Hannola, Chief Advisor at Trafi.

The application is available for iOS and Android.

As a rule, flying drones close to Finavia airports is forbidden. The permits for flying drones should be applied for well in advance, and they are only granted for especially grounded reasons.

Read more about flying a drone close to an airport and in a controlled airspace

Source: Trafi press release, 18 July 2017

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