9.10.2017 at 13:00
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Exceptional route change to Kuopio airport 10–12 October

Lentokentäntie will be closed to general traffic 10–12 October due to the Ruska 2017 air operations exercise.

The road leading to Kuopio airport, Lentokentäntie (562), will be closed to general traffic starting at 6 a.m. on Tuesday 10 October. The road will be reopened to traffic by 6 p.m on Thursday 12 October.

Bus services and emergency vehicles will follow their normal routes during the period of the operations.

Other traffic to Kuopio airport will be directed to a detour via regional road Viitonen (559) and Siltasalmentie.

The closed portion of the road is the area between the junction of Lentokentäntie and Leppälammentie in the south and the roundabout at Kuopio airport in the north.

Read more from the Karelia Air Command announcement (in Finnish).

Parking, buses and taxis at Kuopio airport

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