16.5.2017 at 08:42
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Finnish design in hand luggage size – TRE opened a pop-up shop in Helsinki Airport

Focusing on Finnish fashion and design, TRE opened a pop-up shop in Helsinki Airport. The shop is serving customers for the summer.

TRE has opened a shop in the long-haul terminal in Helsinki Airport close to Gate 36. The pop-up shop is open every day of the week until September.

Its assortment consists of 50 brands of Finnish fashion, clothing, cosmetics, classic items and topical design names. Real icons of Finnish design, such as vacuum flasks and shingle baskets, are also on sale.

"The assortment has specifically been designed with Asian tourists and transit passengers in mind. For them the airport is perhaps the only place where they come in touch with Finnishness," TRE staff explains.

The requirements of air travel have been taken into consideration in the assortment. Priority is given to light-weight products, small package sizes and ideal homecoming gifts.

There is also a TRE design shop in the centre of Helsinki, where it offers the world’s largest assortment of Finnish fashion and design.

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