13.10.2017 at 14:30
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Holiday rush at Oulu Airport

Oulu airport starts to fill up with holidaymakers next week. We ask all passengers to arrive at the airport in good time from Tuesday, 17 October to Sunday, 22 October.

Make sure you have enough time to drop off your luggage and go through security control.

On Tuesday, 17 October at 18:00-20:00 passengers on Wednesday morning flights can check in their baggage.

Travel with ease, even in the busiest times: Pack correctly

When packing, see our instructions to check what you can bring in your hand baggage, what you can put in the cargo hold and which items you are not allowed to take on board at all.

Please remember that mobile phones and backup power sources for laptop computers, i.e. power banks, must be packed in your hand baggage. Do not pack them in luggage going into the cargo hold, because they will have to be removed.

Go to forbidden item search

On our website, you’ll find services for families with children and instructions for unaccompanied minors.

If you are coming to the airport by your own car, we recommend you to read about parking areas and fees beforehand. Information for those arriving by bus or taxi is available on Oulu airport´s website.

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