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Possible congestion at Helsinki Airport T2 security control on 3–17 May

Some security control lines at terminal 2 will be out of use in May. Passengers catching a morning or evening flight, in particular, are advised to reserve more time than usual for security checks.

Travelling between 3 and 17 May? Please reserve more time than usual for security control, especially if your flight departs:

  • on weekday mornings between 7 and 9 am
  • on weekday afternoons between 4 and 6 pm

The security control lines will be closed due to the renovation of the restaurant area. All renovation work is done in a manner causing the least possible harm for passengers.

Tips for a smooth security control process

Read Finavia's tips for a smooth security control process.

At our website, you can also read instructions for packaging electronic and mobile devices and other items.

Pre-book parking and cafeteria items

Your departure will be even easier when you book your parking beforehand.

You can also pre-order cafeteria products via Helsinki Airport mobile app.

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