8.9.2017 at 09:00
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Video: Cheerleaders take over the south pier

We invited the European championship team HAC Junior Elite athletes to Helsinki Airport to try their skills on the first moving walkway in Finland.

In July, the reigning European champions of cheerleading, HAC Junior Elite from Helsinki, got an opportunity to test the new expansion area of Helsinki Airport. The south pier was immediately filled with energy when the team walked in.

To be able to perform stunts and basket tosses, cheerleaders require a high ceiling. What would be more fitting –and majestic – setting in which to practice their skills than the new pier with its glass walls?

Usually the team competes with over twenty athletes on the mat, but never on one that moves. Stunting on a moving walkway was a new experience, and the team members clearly had some fun trying it. 

The new extension at the southern tip of Terminal 2 serves passengers travelling to Asia and North America, among others.

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