Filming instructions for the press, and live TV and radio broadcasting

The press does not require a filming permit at Helsinki Airport or at any of Finavia's airports. In order to facilitate practical arrangements, however, film crews and journalists are asked to notify Finavia's media desk before their arrival. This also allows any necessary escort and transport arrangements to be made.

  • All live television and radio broadcasts made from the airport must be agreed upon with the media desk in advance.
  • Filming may be done freely in public areas of the airports, except for security control areas, where filming of any kind is prohibited.
  • Airside (transit) areas and the apron can only be accessed after passing through security control. Moving about in these areas requires escort and transport arrangements made by Finavia.
  • At Helsinki Airport take-offs and landings can be photographed and filmed on the scenic terrace.

Filming and Photography instructions concerning movies, TV series, advertising, videos (production companies and advertising agencies etc.)

Radio Recordings and Saved Radar Images of Air Traffic Control

Based on legislation such as the Radio Act, Aviation Act and Personal Data Act, Finavia does not share radio recordings or saved radar images with the public.

Radiotelephone communications in aviation are protected by law against unauthorised listening and forwarding. Based on the Radio Act, radio recordings are not public. Finavia or the Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi cannot grant any special permits for recording the radio communications or using them.

The Aviation Act defines the permitted uses of saved radar images of air traffic control. An aircraft registration code that is contained in radar data is considered personal data subject to the Personal Data Act and cannot be handed over without a permission of the concerned party. In addition, confidentiality obligations exist with relation to military and official data.

Finavia is a commercial corporation, and its operations are not subject to the Act on the Openness of Government Activities.