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Changes in disabled parking at Helsinki Airport in January 2019

12.11.2018 at 12:45
P3 parking sign
The P1/P2 parking hall in front of terminal 2 at Helsinki Airport will be demolished in January 2019. This means that the disabled parking spaces inside the parking garage will no longer be accessible after 7 January.

From January 2019 onwards, the nearest disabled parking spaces will be located in P3, which is connected to terminal 1 by a tunnel, as well as P5. Please note the change already. If parking starts this year and ends after January 7, your car should be parked in P3 or P5. Both parking garages have disabled parking spaces on every floor.

Parking 1/2019

Holders of disabled parking permits can park short-term even in front of terminal 1 and terminal 2 when dropping off or picking up passengers. Short-term disabled parking spaces in terminal 1 can be accessed by following the T1 Departures sign. The parking spaces are located under the bridge at the end of the terminal.

Disabled parking spaces are free for the holders of a disabled parking permit. If you need assistance, you can book an assistance service before the start of your trip free of charge. The assistance service is booked through the airline at the same time you book your trip, or at least 48 hours before your flight departs. There are assistance call points in the parking garages and in front of the terminals for contacting the assistance service.

The parking arrangements will change during spring 2019. We will give more details of the arrangements on our website. The short-term disabled parking spaces on the ground floor of terminal 2 will be removed during the spring.

More information:

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