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Easter holiday traffic at Helsinki Airport

16.4.2019 at 09:46
A family at Helsinki Airport's corridor going to the gate.
Easter is popular time of year for travelling and therefore it is wise to allow enough time for arriving to the airport. The Holy Thursday (18.4.) is expected to be especially busy almost throughout the day.

Passengers who are planning to fly during the Easter time are recommended to allow plenty of time for parking, baggage-drop and security control. We kindly ask passengers to come to the airport early before scheduled flight on April 17.–19., especially if the flight is due to depart on the morning 6–9 am. or during the afternoon 15–18 am.

  • If you arrive by your own car, it is advisable to pre-book a parking space. This is a way to make sure you get a place on the parking area you wish for. The nearest parking space of Terminal 2 are found in P3 ja P5 parking halls. Please note that the construction work of Helsinki Airport expansion has caused changes in driving routes and parking.
  • You can make a brief stop in front of the terminal, only to drop off passengers. Arriving passengers can’t be picked up in front of the terminal because it would cause a traffic jam.
  • Terminal 2 taxi station has moved from the front doors to the ground floor. You can access the new taxi station by an escalator and an elevator in the arrival hall 2A, next to Burger King. Read more about new taxi traffic arrangements here.
  • If you travel by bus take in notice that the bus stops are now located in arrivals level instead of departing level. Check the new bus pier's locations on the map.

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