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Local defence exercise Lappi 20 visible at Kittilä Airport on 26th February

Article published
17.2.2020 at 08:35
Kittilän lentoaseman pääsisäänkäynti ja englanninkielinen nimikyltti
Personnel and equipment of the Finnish Defence Forces, Rescue Services, Police, Border Guard, and Hospital District are on the move at Kittilä Airport and near-by the airport on Wednesday 26 February 2020. This is because the Jaeger Brigade and other authorities in the Lapland region exercise inter-authority situations.

The area will be cordoned off, and the Military Police will control the traffic near the airport.

The defence exercise visible at Kittilä Airport is part of the larger local defence exercise Lappi 20 which is conducted in the region of Sodankylä–Kittilä–Rovaniemi on 2428 February 2020. It aims to develop readiness and defence capability in the area of the Lapland region, exercise personnel in local defence tasks and missions, as well as deepen practical interoperability in inter-authority situations.

During the exercise, contacts and enquiries to the exercise duty officer at tel. +358 299 452 112.