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Helsinki Airport brings people together: Terrell from the USA named the airport after his Finnish sweetheart

Article published
31.12.2021 at 09:24
Marika and Terrels name on the Helsinki Airport sign.
Since the beginning of December, the Finnish airport company Finavia has given everyone the chance to rename Helsinki Airport. So far, the airport has been renamed over 13 000 times. The most popular names, sharing the first place, are Finnish female names Nina and Anna.

─ We are glad that people have been inspired to participate. Airports have been named after great men, but we wanted to give everyone the chance to have their name on the airport sign. Surprisingly, the three most popular names have all been female: Nina, Anna, and Hanna, says Finavia’s executive director of communication, marketing, and customer experience Katja Siberg.

During December, visitors from both Finland and abroad have named the airport over 13 000 times in total. Naming is possible until the end of January.

Helsinki Airport brings lovers together across the oceans on Christmas Day

In honour of Christmas, Finavia offered one person the chance to name the airport after their loved one for one whole day. The one selected from numerous applicants was Terrell from the United States, whose girlfriend Marika lives in Finland.

The naming of the airport after the couple was a happy surprise to Marika, one which Terrell revealed to his beloved on Christmas Day. At the same time Marika also met Terrell’s parents remotely for the first time.

─ We wanted to make people happy and bring them together in the middle of the pandemic. Airports have been places for meetings and reunions, and we wanted to make it possible at Christmas. In the previous years, there have been elaborate proposals and wedding ceremonies at Helsinki Airport, tells Siberg.

TOP10 names in December 2021

1. Nina ja Anna
3. Hanna
4. Mikko
5. Julia
6. Sanna
7. Sari
8. Laura
9. Elina
10. Jaana

This is how you can rename Helsinki Airport
In December and January, the passengers and visitors of Helsinki Airport have the chance to rename the airport after themselves or their loved ones. Enter the name at the website, from which it will appear on top of the Helsinki Airport sign.